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Where does every candidate start their hiring journey? The screening process, of course! For recruiters, it’s the largest part of the hiring funnel -- and where the most time-consuming mistakes are made, if you’re not careful.

Why It Matters

Navigating the screening process can be tough -- recruiters have to sift through stacks of resumes, identify the right candidates, and get them set up for an in-person interview. Without the right strategy, it’s easy for a recruiter to get overwhelmed and let top talent slip through the cracks. Hiring managers can also end up screening candidates themselves, which adds more to their already full plates. Ultimately, a poor screening process leads to lack of communication between candidates and recruiters -- they’ll end up in the “black hole,” and you’ll end up without a good hire. An effective screening process needs collaboration and the support of HR to work, so it’s vital to get everyone on your team on board.

The Good

A strong screening process means more candidates are getting through to in-person interviews -- a big plus for you and your hiring managers. This means you have your qualifications clearly defined, everyone’s on board with the job description, and you’re routinely asking the right questions -- saving time, energy, and your bottom line in the long run.

The Bad

Feeling the burn of a bad hire? If you’re struggling to find qualified candidates amid a stack of resumes, or aren’t giving attention to top talent, that means you may not have the right screening process in place. It may be time to sit down with your team to re-evaluate your process and get everyone on the same page.

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