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Candidate Experience

Our Breakdown

You’ve heard it before -- now more than ever, candidates are in the driver’s seat when it comes to hiring. How can you give them direction? Two words: Candidate Experience.

Why It Matters

Employers who implement a strong candidate experience are more likely to attract top talent, generate positive word of mouth, and retain qualified job seekers in their pipeline. By communicating with candidates, strengthening employer brand and avoiding the dreaded “black hole,” companies can establish themselves as a top organization to work for -- and who doesn’t want that?

The Good

Nailing down the nuances of candidate experience is harder than it looks. But if you’re seeing good results, then you’ve obviously made it a point to shift your focus on engaging candidates throughout every stage of the hiring process. The challenge now is to keep up with demand -- and changing hiring landscapes. Is your HR technology up to snuff?

The Bad

Okay, so maybe your company’s Glassdoor rating isn’t where it should be. But that doesn’t mean you can’t change that. Investing in candidate experience is a move that will save you time, improve your employer brand, strengthen your pipeline and turn those candidates into hires. If candidates are happy, your hiring process will be too. Now, where to begin?

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